icono Academy Look Collection 2020 Metalic Blue

icono creative team 2018
Sascha Haseloff, André Lemke, Pascal Kauert, Jessica Gäthje

make up
Franziska Dominick

André Lemke

Alex Schier


2020 Collection

"100,000 lux is the correct value for the illuminance of daylight on a sunny day."

How does light affect different textures and surfaces?
How does light behave in combination with colors? - What do colors do with light?

These are the questions we are addressing with this year's icono collection 100K`LUX
Inspired by the light, which makes the beauty of natural surfaces look different, this year we play with contrasts, textures and colours.

Rough and matt textures in contrast to smooth surfaces with shimmering, noble and colour-intensive effects, light reflections create exciting colour plays on different textures.

This contrast between rough and smooth surfaces, with their respective light reflection, is the cornerstone of our Cut & Color Concept.

The 100kLUX collection is developed in two orientations.

Academy Look | We train the colour and cutting techniques in the icono collection seminar
This look is all about inspiration first and foremost, with the feasibility lying in the details of each look and the creativity of each hairdresser.
Salon Look | We train the colour and cutting techniques in the icono advanced basic elements cut & colour
All techniques were created with a focus on feasibility.



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