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Trust a strong partner

Only highly trained employees and entrepreneurs can react flexibly and successfully to the demands of the market.
Take the step and trust us, the icono academy, as your strong partner for your individual, company-required further training measures.

The sustainability of our seminars and the associated, lasting success of the hairdressing companies and their employees trained by us is our highest priority.
In order to meet this priority, the first step is to get in touch with your company to develop an individual and target-oriented training and further education plan.

We take into account the ideas and requirements of your company in order to guarantee your increasing turnover and the positive development of your employees with tailor-made further training measures.

With the icono academy, you have chosen a competent and experienced partner in the training sector. Our seminar content is based on the icono success concept and the experience of our own hairdressing branches on the one hand, and on our training experience gained since 2003 with a wide range of training customers at home and abroad on the other.

We are looking forward to a successful cooperation with your company!

Your icono academy team

The icono academy pursues the goal of making hairdressers more successful in the professional, communicative and economic areas.

The icono academy pursues the goal of making hairdressers more successful in the professional, communicative and economic areas.

icono academy seminar matrix

Seminars tailored to the salon's success and building up in the level of difficulty with a guarantee of success.

This is what we stand for with our new, clearly arranged seminar matrix!

What our participants say

You are unsure whether our seminars meet your expectations?
Here you will find videos with testimonials from participants of our seminars. 
Click through, be convinced and maybe we'll see a video here soon with your experience. Have fun! 


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The new training strategy

Click on the video and learn more about the new training strategy and how you can use the combination of analogue and digital seminars for yourself.

Directly to the Online Academy

Here you can go directly to the icono Online Academy!

Where you decide when, where and what you want to learn!
In the categories Cut, Color and Styling you will get inspiration for new trends.
To enrich your daily salon life, you will be shown techniques that you can easily implement.

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Seminar consulting for hairdressers

Seminar consultation

On our site you will find all seminars to develop your employees and keep your company up to date!

Do you need help with which seminar to achieve your company goals or a training plan for your individual employee development?

Then arrange a 30 min consultation with Sascha Haseloff and find your individual solution.

Success guarantee for hairdressing entrepreneurs

Academy Circle
With a decreasing number of employees and an increasing number of hairdressing shops, every hairdressing company needs, besides a clear positioning on the market, a goal-oriented work with its own employees. This is precisely the topic we have addressed in our new icono Academy Circle accepted.
In our coaching programs, which are individually adapted to your company situation, we address these points together with you and bring your company to a high level of attractiveness. In this way, the employees who fit you will find their way into your company and share your success in the long term.

icono academy hairdressing seminars training and further education in the hairdressing school in Berlin
icono academy Circle

Employee recruitment

Show yourself as a company of the future!

Make it clear to the outside world that and how you invest in your employees. Open up new, unique opportunities and perspectives for hairdressers in your company. Be an attractive company and thus ensure enthusiastic employees. Because enthusiastic employees present their company with pride!

Education and training for hairdressers

targeted training and further education opportunities for hairdressers

How and in which area do I have to train my employees and what is important? This is exactly the question we deal with at the academy! The sustainability of our seminars is our highest priority, which is why the first thing we do is to get to grips with your company in order to develop a targeted training and development plan for you.

icono academy Circle
icono academy Circle

Employee retention

Investment in further education pays off!

Entrepreneurs are often afraid that qualified employees will leave the company. However, our experience shows the clear opposite. The better the opportunities for employees to further develop their own skills in their company, the more attractive their job appears to them. Annual seminar offers open up perspectives for your employees to develop further in your company in the long term.

Employee development

Every seminar and every further training must have the goal of further developing the employee.

A targeted development increases the professionalism and efficiency of your employees. Through professional development, you increase the level of quality and automatically achieve higher customer satisfaction.
Security in consulting and communication and working with our Basic Element systems enables your employees to work more efficiently and increases the services to the customer.

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