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2023 Seminars at a glance

Basic Haircut Seminar Basic Cutting

basic elements cut

Training for hairdressers Basic cutting techniques

In our basic elements cut seminar, the focus is on our basic elements, with which all our haircuts are logically built. These lay the foundation for successful work in the salon. You train how the haircut is mentally planned before execution.

In our ten-day seminar, you will implement all the techniques you have learned in intensive training on models and practice heads. In the training, particular attention is paid to the consideration of different customer wishes as well as hair structures and head shapes. 


For whom?

Duration: 10 days
Cost: 920,- € Price plus VAT.

Seminar Dates :
06.02. – 17.02.2023 OUT OF BUS 

05.06. – 16.06.2023

11.09. – 22.09.2023

13.11. – 24.11.2023


Basic Haircut Seminar Basic Cutting

basic elements cut light

Training for hairdressers basic elements women cut system

Our four-day seminar serves to familiarise you with our modular seminar system and you will gain insights into our basic elements cut system, which lays the foundation for successful work in the salon. You will learn how to mentally plan the haircut before it is executed and then train this on practice heads and models.

For whom?

Duration: 5 days
Cost: 625,- € Price plus VAT.

Seminar Dates:
06.02. – 10.02.2023 OUT OF BUS

05.06. – 09.06.2023 

11.09. – 15.09.2023

13.11. – 17.11.2023



Basic Men Cut Seminar Basic Hair Cutting Techniques

basic elements men cut

Training for hairdressers basic elements men cut

In our basic elements men cut seminar, you will learn in 2 days, the 4 basic haircuts for men. The focus is on understanding the elements with which each haircut is built up in order to combine each cut element individually in everyday salon work and to be able to react to every customer request. Efficient work and logical cut structure brings you security and speed in the salon everyday life!

For whom?

Duration: 2 days
Cost: 280,- € Price plus VAT.

Seminar Dates:
20.03. – 21.03.2023 OUT OF BUS 


Trend hairstyles Blunt Bob two tone copper


Haircut seminar for hairdressers

#wolfcut #modernshag #choppypixie #curtainbangs #mullet #mixie #bixie

Through social channels like Instagram, Pinterest, etc., trends have become even more fast-moving and our customers even more informed! Today still a, seemingly ephemeral trend phenomenon is tomorrow already a megatrend and the customer demand accordingly high and more targeted. We hairdressers must be ahead of the game!

In this one-day seminar, we will look at the most important and current social media trends that you should know in order to be up-to-date.

What awaits you?

  • Trend information of the latest hair fashion trends
  • Hands on Session Step by Step
    • 1x Haircut technique for medium - long hair
    • 1x "Rough Styling" for medium - long hair
    • 1x haircut technique for short hair
    • 1x "Rough Styling" technique for short hair

For whom?

Duration: 1 days
Cost: 270,- € Price plus VAT.

Seminar Dates:


Balayage Seminar icono Academy Berlin

Color Freehand

Seminar for hairdressers color - Color Trends

#moneypiece #airtouch #frenchbalayage #colormerging ...

In our seminar for "Freehand Color Techniques" you will learn to implement the latest techniques efficiently and cleanly, for your salon.
We always keep an eye on the development of color trends and find rational and safe work processes to make these color effects suitable for everyday salon use. 

What awaits you?

Ø  Trend information of the latest color technology trends

Ø  Hands on Session Step by Step

Ø  Different techniques in combination
(each can be applied individually)

After this seminar you will be up to date with the hottest color trends and will be able to implement them safely and rationally in the salon.

For whom?

Duration: 1 day
Cost: 260,- € Price plus VAT.

Seminar Dates:


Basic consulting seminar for hairdressers icono Academy Berlin

Sale Like a Star!

Training for hairdressers successful customer service

"The goal of successful communication is not just to say what you think, but to phrase something in such a way that the listener really understands what you mean."

Train the correct structure of consultation meetings and apply special questioning techniques. Get to know conversation techniques with which you can enthusiastically advise your customers and thus increase your 
Sales turnover & yours service revenue as well as increase your customer loyalty.

For whom?

Duration: 2 days
Cost: 385,- € Price plus VAT.

Seminar Dates:
17.04. – 18.04.2023


Consulting Seminar Typology Seminar icono Academy Berlin

basic typology

Training for hairdressers basic typology

The basic typology seminar provides you with a sense of form and proportion, taking into account the different customer personalities, the different body shapes and the different customer requirements. You will learn to clearly recognize types and facial shapes in order to build up a consultation that puts your competence even more in the foreground and thus binds your customers even more to you.

The aim of the seminar is to strengthen the self-confidence of the participant in order to be able to give professional advice to the customer.

For whom?

Duration: 1 days
Cost: 220,- € Price plus VAT.

Seminar Dates:


Haircut Seminar economical cut icono Academy Berlin

economical cut - efficient hair cutting

Training for hairdressers economical cut

Bringing creativity and profitable work in line is the focus of this seminar.
You will learn to use the elements efficiently with the help of cutting examples. In order to rationally implement haircuts for your customers which ensure customer satisfaction, at the same time make the execution time plannable and in which creativity is not neglected.

For whom?

Duration: 1 days
Cost: 235,-€ Price plus VAT.

Seminar Dates :


Haircutting seminars icono Academy Berlin

perfect graduation

This expert seminar deals with the various forms of graduation. You will learn to cut concave and convex graduations and the block graduation to perfection. You will work with compact and graphic shapes to make your haircuts stand out. The specialization in this seminar makes you a sought-after cut expert!

Duration: 2 days
Cost: 370,-€ Price plus VAT.

Seminar Dates :

26.06. – 27.06.2023

Specialist & Expert

Basic updo seminar icono Academy Berlin

basic elements hair up & styling

In this seminar you will learn the basics of updo and styling.

We will demonstrate and train you in pinning techniques, different braiding techniques, different hair structures and the correct use of the tools of the trade. You will learn to combine all our techniques under each other and thus acquire a good professionalism to be able to work out individual updos. The right "wording" for the consultation, as well as the quick implementation with the greatest possible durability of the hairstyles gives you confidence and self-confidence at the customer.

For whom?

Duration: 2 days
Cost: 310,- € Price plus VAT.

Seminar Dates:

27.03. – 28.03.2023

Specialist & Expert



Seminar for hairdresser trainees and young professionals

The trainers at the icono academy spend a week teaching your new trainees the most important basic skills of the hairdressing profession.

The profession, the vocation, the handling of the customers as well as the behavior on the phone are worked out. Furthermore, we refer to practical work such as hair and scalp care, color techniques on the medium.
Our aim is to impart the basic knowledge to newcomers to the profession and to prepare them for everyday life in a hairdressing salon.

For whom?

Duration: 4 days
Cost: 430,- € Price plus VAT.

Seminar Dates: 
28.08. – 31.08.2023

Men Cut Seminar Men Haircut Seminars

advanced basic elements men cut

Seminar for hairdressers advanced men cut

Fadecut, Brit Pop or Swoop, are all classic men's looks that "man" wear and the hairdresser should master. In our Advanced Seminar we take on these looks and present them in a new modern way.
You will learn 4 cutting techniques and new elements that will help you in the salon everyday life to implement men's cuts perfectly & confidently.

For whom?

Duration: 2 days
Cost: 290,- € Price plus VAT.

Seminar Dates :
06.11. – 07.11.2023

Specialist & Expert

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