the building seminar system for hairdressers

Our building seminar system is intended to convey our seminar contents even more comprehensibly to all hairdressing entrepreneurs and hairdressers who want to further develop themselves in a targeted manner. Through the structured structure, the contents are very easy to follow and offer, in addition to the technical orientation, now also economic aspects that should help you to successfully adapt your business to the current market situation. We have made it our business to look after you individually so that you receive seminars that are really important for you!

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Seminar for hairdresser trainees and young professionals

The trainers at the icono academy spend a week teaching your new trainees the most important basic skills of the hairdressing profession.

The profession, the vocation, the handling of the customers as well as the behavior on the phone are worked out. Furthermore, we refer to practical work such as hair and scalp care, color techniques on the medium.
Our aim is to impart the basic knowledge to newcomers to the profession and to prepare them for everyday life in a hairdressing salon.

For whom?

Duration: 4 days
Cost: 430,- € Price plus VAT.

Seminar Dates: 
on request

Level 1

Salon must have - Level 1 - Training to become a Basic Hairdresser

Level I contains the most important building blocks for a successful day-to-day business!
cut - color - communication and typology.
These 4 elements form the basis of the basic knowledge of every hairdresser.
After successful completion of the 1st level, you will have attained the highest level of professional quality, taking into account economic aspects such as target times and fast techniques.
Your professional self-confidence with regard to cut - color - communication and typology is strengthened and the way is paved for an increase in the number of services per client.


Level 2

Advanced Hairdresser Training

Level 2 is about the continuation of the basic elements in cut and color. The basic knowledge is consolidated here and completed with further elements. You will learn how to deal sensitively with your customers in consultation, referring to typology and additional services. Through our seminar module advanced basic hair up and styling you consolidate at the same time your competence in the long hair area and thus gain a wide-ranging, professional know-how. After successful completion you will receive a certificate with the status of Advanced Hairdresser.

Level 3

Senior Hairdresser Training

In this level, the knowledge achieved up to this point in cut, colour, typology and advice are combined. You will learn to plan all areas of requirements efficiently in terms of time and thus become your own personal time manager, able to keep track of your personal target times at all times. You can also join the icono trend worlds. Expand your professional opportunities and take the chance to reach the next level of training! Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate with the status of senior hairdresser.


Level 4

Training as an Editorial Hairdresser

Level 4 deals with creative work for a professional photo shoot and the importance of developing your own distinctive corporate core statement. Take an in-depth look at your company and develop your own visual language and distinctive look.

Level 5

Training as an icono ambassador

Our highest level is about training to become a trainer and thus an ambassador for our seminar systems. Have you successfully completed all our seminar levels? Then take this step, become an icono ambassador and share your passion for hair and education with your participants.


Rent a Trainer

Salon Training

With this tool, we enable you to have an objective assessment of your company by one of our trainers on site, in order to then create an individual training concept in the second step with the help of our offered seminars. In this way, we pave the way for optimal training tailored to your employees. You make an appointment and we come to your salon.

For whom?

Duration: 1-2 days
creative director 1.600,-€
art director 1.400,-€
artist 1.200,-€
trend trainer 1.100,-€
trainer 900,-€
assistant 300,-€

Prices plus VAT, travel, accommodation and meals

In order to be able to guarantee you the best possible training, the number of trainers required depends on the number of participants. This means that we train up to 7 participants with one trainer and from 8 participants (and more) we need 2 trainers to be able to convey our seminar content to you in the best possible way.

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