Models Wanted

Hairdresser models wanted

As a hairdressing school, we are always looking for models for a variety of situations.

Are you interested in making yourself available as a model in our seminars or in the salon, or would you like to work for us on a photo shoot or show?
Then take a look at the different job profiles here and apply!

Seminar Model Hairdressing Model Hair Model

Salon model

icono hairdresser model

For the comprehensive training of our assistants and young stylists, we constantly need models to be able to realistically convey current training content. These range from haircuts, dyeing and blow-drying to additional services such as head massages, eyebrow and eyelash tinting. All work is carried out in the company of a trainer and thus guarantees the quality our customers are accustomed to.
For your visit as a model in one of our salons you only have to pay for the material - for short hair from 12,- € and for long hair from 18,- €.
To make an appointment, please contact one of our salons near you.

Seminar model

As a seminar model, you should be open to changes in cut and color.

In all our seminars, the focus is on developing cuts and colours that suit the type. Our trainers are available to the seminar participants in all steps with advice and support. This means that our quality is also guaranteed here.

All cuts are free of charge, only the cost of materials - for short hair 15,- € and long hair 20,- € - will be charged. As a presentation model in one of our seminars there are no costs.

Hairdresser Model Seminar Model Hair Model
Hairdresser Model Stage Model Hair Model

Workshop Model

In our workshops we present our current collection to a professional audience and have to implement it in cut and colour on the models.

For this we need female models with a body height from 1,65m, a confection between 34 - 38 and male models with a body height from 1,75m and a confection S/M.

The fee depends on the budget and effort of the workshop.

Show model

  • You're open to a complete change?
  • Are you comfortable presenting yourself in front of a large audience?
  • You can walk safely on higher shoes?
  • You have a body height from 1,70m and a clothing size 34-38 (men from 1,80m with clothing sizes S/M/L)?

Then we are looking for YOU for our shows and events!
Your fee depends on the budget and effort of the show.

Hairdresser Show Model Hair Model
ICONO Photo Model

Photo model

For our photo productions we are looking for models between 18 and 28 years old, who are comfortable in front of the camera and have a good feeling for body posing.

  • Body size for female models from 1,65m with a confection between 34-38.
  • Body size for male models from 1,80m with confection S/M/L.

The fee depends on the budget and effort of the production.

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