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icono online academy

That's how it works!

This is the icono Online Academy!
Here you can decide for yourself when, where and what you want to learn! In different categories you get inspiration for Cut, Color and Styling Techniques. To enrich your everyday salon life, you will be shown techniques in a comprehensible way so that you can easily implement them in the salon.

And this is how it works: You have the possibility at any time to access our On Demand Access video seminars which regular be updated. You have the following options:

  • individual video seminars rent
  • full access to all contents through monthly subscription
  • book courses online 

If you want to get in contact with us directly, you will get the possibility in the future to visit us in our Webinars or 1 to 1 Live Sessions to book.

icono online academy hairdressing seminars

Video Categories

The best way to learn is Step By Step.

Here you will find the video seminars sorted into the following categories:


You would like to get to know us?

Here you will find a small selection of free video seminars.

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The video library

Here you will find all the video seminars in our video library.

the future of hairdressing

The sustainability of our seminars and the associated, lasting success of the hairdressing companies trained by us and their employees is our highest priority!

In order to meet this priority, we offer you with our Online Academy the possibility to deepen learning contents from our analogue seminars and to recall them at any time.

The future of education and training lies in the combination of analogue and digital online seminars!

the trainers



Sascha Haseloff CEO icono Academy Berlin

Sascha Haseloff

managing director creative director Goldwell international artist

Head of icono academy.
icono online academy Jessica Gäthje

Jessica Gäthje

trend trainer
art director
color artist

Color Artist for icono academy.
icono online academy Pascal Kauert

Pascal Kauert

trend trainer
art director
Goldwell national artist

Art Director for icono academy.
Saskia Rothe Trainer icono Academy

Saskia Rothe

trend trainer
color & styling

Trend Trainer for icono academy.

At our Online Academy you will meet the trainers you know from our seminars and get the chance to experience a completely new learning experience.

Look forward to Jessica Gäthje & Saskia Rothe with great ideas about color and styling! Trendy haircuts will be presented to you by Sascha Haseloff or Pascal Kauert!

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"We think stylist."


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