Seminar matrix

icono academy seminar system

Our matrix is divided into 3 seminar segments:

The 3 segments include different levels of difficulty and are designed to meet all the needs for a successful salon business.

Salon "Must Have"

The content of all seminars from the salon must-have segment is based on our many years of experience in training and developing our icono employees.

This is solely about developing your team in terms of how efficiently and economically each individual works in the day-to-day running of the salon.

Working according to target times, increasing the service and sales turnover as well as increasing the colour share and the total turnover form an essential part of all seminars from this segment.

Specialist & Expert

Our Expert Seminars focus on professional specialization and perfection.

Positioning and developing employees within your team - forms an essential foundation of employee satisfaction and therefore salon success.
The highlighting of Cut -, Color - or Hochsteck experts makes a work with perfect, professional quality possible, which is decisive for the success in the salon everyday life in addition, in competitions such as the Goldwell Color Zoom Challenge.


The focus of our Innovation's seminars lies in the annually changing contents.

We have created this seminar segment to keep your employees always "up to date" and up to date in all current trends.

Our innovation team is on the lookout for the latest trends and news in the industry all year round. Motivate your employees, for example, with the latest cut and colour trends from our own icono academy collection.

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