Balayage the Mega Trend

Balayage brown | dark blond
Balayage - the Mega Trend

Balayage is for some time, the most popular coloring technique in Berlin and also worldwide. Whether medium-length hair or ladies with "long hair look", Balayage inspires through strands that makes every hair color look natural and as a continuation of the Ombré is no longer imaginable.

Balayage convinces with absolute naturalness. Soft flowing color gradients, which move from the deeper hair color at the base, gently to the lighter tips, distinguish the look and the special way to dye strands.

The effect is achieved by a freehand colouring technique in which the lightening product is softly applied to the ends of the hair on individual strands and then the achieved blonde is refined by means of toning or glossing.

The targeted working out of strands in blond and brown, so-called high and low lights, creates an exciting hair color, through which hair visually acquires a lot of fullness and movement. In addition, Balayage always manages to underline the personal style of the customer through the individual creation of colour tone and colour contrast.

Through the popular combination with babylights in a hair-contouring technique, the balayage look becomes more intense and puts the focus additionally on the face.

So a modern haircut can be refined with just a few baby lights and an outgrown "ombre" can be freshened up with balayage.

Ladies who long for many color reflections and therefore many strands are thrilled by the combination with this coloring technique.

Often the prices differ when coloring the hair in ladies, because strands alone do not show the possible scope of a Balayage technique. Thus, for example, our salons in Berlin subdivide "strands techniques" according to time and effort in individual coloring.

For individual info please visit our salons in Berlin and outside. You want the "best highlights" and we advise you on the subject of haircuts, balayage technique and Ombre`. We explain the prices, give them care and styling tips and show you what your hair needs to look good naturally.

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