Hairstyle trend shag textured haircut

The Shag Haircut Trend

The mullet of the 1970s is back, and shows itself to us in its noblest form.

His casual style, which always brings a little rock attitude, was paired with sensuality, and is the most popular "androgynous haircut", no longer reserved for men.
What makes this retro cut is its special hairstyle shape. The area of the top of the head is significantly shorter in relation to the neck and sides and runs in different lengths, fringed to the tips. From shoulder-length to short-cut, the so-called "gradation" is concise for the shag cut and thus clearly differs from the (very popular) choppy cut.
As uncomplicated as the "Shag" is in its daily care, as sought-after it is in combination, the Shag classic has also been provided with an extra-long fringe.
Bold and self-confident, this extravagant look comes off particularly well in almost uniform hair colors. Shiny brown tones or even matt white blonde give a clear direction, live from the variety of middle or side parting, waves or curls, messy or clean styled, and thus present the multifaceted nature of this trend.

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