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Frankfurt / Oder

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Parking facilities in the immediate vicinity.

Free services during your visit

Only a type-appropriate haircut and hair color gives security, self-confidence and contributes to the joy of life.

According to the needs of your scalp and hair diagnosed by the hair and head analysis, we use the appropriately matched shampoo / hair bath when washing your hair.

Through the detailed hair and scalp analysis, we know your needs and create your very own personal care plan for use at home.

Healthy and beautiful hair always comes from a healthy scalp. For this reason, a detailed, personal consultation is always the basis for us. With our hair and scalp camera we create a picture of your scalp and hair structure.

The perfect overall result always includes an appropriate finish or styling product applied by your stylist in the salon.

We offer warm, soothing or cold, refreshing compresses.

We also have a large selection of magazines and, of course, various coffee specialties, tea and cold drinks ready for you.

You are looking for a good hairdresser in Frankfurt/Oder - then we welcome you to us. We are the experts for type consulting, hair care and hairstyle trends. The icono studio is your hairdresser in Frankfurt/Oder.

Price list

women's service
Professional advice, perfect Haircut, blow dry and style, incl. hair and scalp analysis, relaxing Hair Wash

healthy haircare

men's service
Professional advice, perfect haircut, blow-drying and styling, incl. hair and scalp analysis and relaxing Hair Wash

bright colours
Professional colour consultation, shiny and beautiful hair through hair colour individually matched to your type.

color-morphing @ pure pigments

brilliant colours elumen

balayage complete look

complete reflex


move your hair

Human hair extension, real hair thickening for more volume and fullness, according to cost estimate

event styling

wedding service

long* = from shoulder length
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