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ICONO hands over employee apartment in Berlin

The desire to move to Berlin is unbroken, even in Corona times. For the first resident, this wish has now come true. ICONO has found a practical answer to the very difficult housing situation with its own employee apartment. The nicely cut 71m² apartment in an old building is completely renovated, technically up to date and tastefully furnished.

With this initiative ICONO shows how important your employees are to you and that they are willing to invest in the future to give dedicated employees a great start at ICONO.

"...even though we are an entrepreneur-led hairdressing company and not a large corporation, this also works for us...", says Silke Mann (one of the owners of ICONO). In any case, the first resident is very happy about the handover of the keys and that her new start in Berlin at ICONO is possible so quickly and easily.

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