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Curls - Curls & Waves

The trends are full of the hottest hair colors and haircuts, and one thing stands out, the most popular hair stylings are curls. While the love of wild curls once sprang from the 80s, we are now celebrating the casual and sensual appeal of the big hair look once again.

The variations of well pictures range from beach waves for a soft and natural look, to voluminous curls. Whether straighteners, curling irons or irons, in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, the selection of possible hot -tools is quite large.

Possible with almost any hair and any hair length, curls give a touch of fashion-conscious relaxation. They are also particularly cool in combination with the trend haircut shag cut, or even the curtain bangs, here are waves in the hair simply indispensable.

Special attention is also paid to the curl styling products. They can be used to create defined curls and curly looks from gentle natural waves. Because they give the necessary fullness and substance and thus transform the styling into a look that lasts for days and at the same time holds many variation possibilities.

However, if the styling of your hair seems too much, you will be happy about a long-term reshaping of your hair. Because the trends also live out what manufacturers have to offer and what we as hairdressers can implement.

There are now products on the market that clearly distance themselves from permanently wavy hair with the well-known rollers and again create a casual structure via gentle products with innovative curling tools. In our Berlin hairdresser branches, we will be happy to advise you on what suits your cut and your hair best. Not all curls are the same! And as a little tip from us: What simply supports every haircut and is super easy to style, especially in the summer. Sea Salt Spray and you're ready to go!

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