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Franziska Dominick

André Lemke

David Ulrich


Collection 2012

Clear shapes as inspiration for clear hairstyles.

It was the oases of peace that gave us no peace and inspired us to create new forms.
The places where we find ourselves were the places where we found the inspiration for Poedic.
Their particularly straightforward architecture, the interior design, the handling of forms and colours, which does not follow an end in itself, but whose aim is to create a climate of well-being for one's own soul.
Because those who feel their innermost are also perceived differently on the outside.

The hairstyles
Not staged, but inspired. Not deliberate, but skilful.
Curved, rounded, geometric - the formal language of modern design.
Appealing to the senses. Newly interpreted for sensual hairstyle looks.
Hairstyles that invite you to look up. Hairstyles that invite you to address them.
Hairstyles that reflect what their wearer really feels.
Inner longings turned inside out.
And because we have more than just one side, the hairstyles also become three-dimensional.
With ups and downs, shadow play and for every length in and convertible.
The shades are muted, matt and powdery. Involving and warm instead of aloof and cool.
Poedic by Icono is the hair style reminiscence of the style and design icons of our time.


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