icono Collection 2018 Trends Hairfashion Academy Look pastel mint blond Choppy Fringe long layers

icono creative team 2018
Sascha Haseloff, André Lemke, Pascal Kauert, Jessica Gäthje

make up
Franziska Dominick

André Lemke

Alex Schier


Collection 2018

From the pole of rest to the flow of energy

In a world surrounded by the latest technology, we overload ourselves with knowledge and information to always be up to date. At the same time, the longing rises in us to find a place to rest, to reorganize and recharge. So we create a mix of our old and current experiences to create a new dynamic. Our new collection, Renew, takes on this longing and creates a movement from a resting place to a flow of energy. By bringing together proven style elements and current trend influences, we achieve a new level of dynamic looks.
Vibrant, projected colour effects combine with classic, reinterpreted shapes, creating a spirited and natural expression through soft textures and irregular outlines.

RENEW is developed in two orientations.

Academy Look | We train the colour and cutting techniques in the icono collection seminar.
This look is all about inspiration first and foremost, with the feasibility lying in the details of each look and the creativity of each hairdresser.
Salon Look | We train the colour and cutting techniques in icono advanced basic elements cut & colour
All techniques were created with a focus on feasibility.



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