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Sin & Sense

Collection 2009

Sense 09 Created for sensitive moments.
Times in transition. People in transition. New circumstances offer new opportunities.
(Flexibility has never been more in demand.) Styling is the mirror of change. Styling changes the moment. To give each moment the right expression, we have created "Sense".
As a departure from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, towards your own 'I'. Noble, stylish, aesthetic and yet dynamic. Highly emotional, inspired by soft shapes. With warm colours as a contrast to cool times. Standing in the middle of life, "Sense" creates enough space for personal development. And at the same time is a retreat to one's own personality in times that lack one thing above all: time. Makes sense...

Sin 09 Created for expressive moments.
Times when we can say with certainty that nothing is certain are times that challenge us. To set accents in everyday life by opposing it with one's own personality.
That is 'Sin': progressive, sometimes aggressive and always self-confident. The second 'I', which clearly takes a stand in an environment where nothing is clear. Extravagantly standing out from the monotony of no-one. Sophisticated and expressive at the same time. Show your colours with graphic forms from everyday to slightly futuristic. After all, no one knows what's coming, so it's good to know that you're prepared for everything with your styling.

Sin & Sense

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