icono Collection 2013 Trends Hairfashion Blond Bob

icono creative team

make up
Franziska Dominick / Oliver Szilagyi

André Lemke

Alex Schier


2013 Collection

TRIBUTE is the reminiscence of past times and at the same time a new interpretation of a spirit full of passion.
Rediscovered elegance, interpreted in a modern way with a futuristic touch.
Elegance in the change from strict and sleek to feminine and moving. Whereby the clear design language remains recognizable. Clear and round shapes mixed with rough structures give the styling its elite chic, which redefines femininity - expressively tough and standing in the middle of life, with a touch of dazzling drama. All creations follow the natural fall of the hair and thus remain very flexible for the most diverse stylings. The shapes: classic and compact. TRIBUTE quotes classics from the past and interprets them into classics of today.


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