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Franziska Dominick

Kilian Kerner

David Ulrich

urban icons

2011 Collection

Streets are mirrors - if you look inside, you will discover personalities who do not run after trends, but go ahead and present themselves individually.
Through her styling, her attitude and her goals. Her passion motivates and inspires.
Modern lifestylers who don't break conventions because they don't know conventions.
Urban Icons, the new collection from icono, is dedicated to all those who are dedicated to life.
With creativity, dedication and passion. Experimental and imaginative.
Artistic and expressive. Refined and inspired.
The haircuts are strong and dominant. Exciting effects are created by special asymmetries and extreme differences in length. Proportions are deliberately shifted to create new forms.
Because harmony always exists only in connection with disharmony.
If you don't try, you can't win. He who does not engage in it is abandoned. He who does not allow contrasts remains monotonous.

Urban icons are the mirrors of the big city.


Urban icons pulsate and stand out.


Urban icons set signs that are ahead of their time.

urban icons

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