icono Collection 2017 Trends Hairfashion Short hair Light Pink Root Shading

icono creative team 2017
Sascha Haseloff, André Lemke, Pascal Kauert, Jessica Gäthje

make up
Franziska Dominick

André Lemke

Alex Schier


icono collection 2017

This year, we are embarking on the next stage of the megatrend of individualisation. It's no longer just about craving haptic experiences or emotional moments for ourselves. It's now more about expressing ourselves, sharing moments with others and claiming them together.
We want to do more for ourselves, live out our different facets and create positive experiences again that bring dynamism into our everyday lives, but also make room for sensitive moments in which we simply want to enjoy.
Enjoy what? The time for me!
The time to discover new sides in me and the freedom to live them out.

YOUS!DE awakens the different facets and sides that are inside of us.

Feel free and relax,
Feel free and have fun,
Feel free and stay cool!
Live every side in YOU! It's YOUS!DE!

The YOUS!DE collection lets shapes flow gently into each other, plays with natural conditions and shows lively colours that are simply fun to look at! ….


YOUS!DE is developed in two orientations.

Academy Look | We train the colour and cutting techniques in the icono collection seminar.
This look is all about inspiration first and foremost, with the feasibility lying in the details of each look and the creativity of each hairdresser.
Salon Look | We train the colour and cutting techniques in icono advanced basic elements cut & colour
All techniques were created with a focus on feasibility.


This year we take the next step towards the megatrend individualization.
It is now not only the longing for haptic experience or emotional moments for ourselves. It is rather about expressing ourselves, to share moments with others and to enjoy these moments together.
We want more time for ourselves. We want to express and live our various facets and create more positive experience. We are looking for a more dynamic life and at the same time make room for more sensual moments of enjoyment. Enjoying what? Time for yourself! Time to discover yourself and to enjoy every aspect of life.
YOUS!DE expresses the various facets and aspects within yourself.

Feel free and relax,
Feel free and have fun,
Feel free and keep cool!
Live every aspect of yourself! It's YOUS!DE!

The collection YOUS!DE has forms melting colors to have fun with and plays with natural features.

YOUS!DE has been created with two foci:

  1. Academy Look
    This line places the focus on inspiration. These haircuts are made to trigger hairdresser's creativity. Even just elements of the academy look can be used to develop own haircuts.
  2. Salon Look
    The focus of the salon look is on implementation.



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