Hairdressing Seminars Level 5

Level 5 training to become an icono ambassador

Learn to pass on seminar content professionally. Work with communication and rhetoric rules to develop other hairdressers sustainably. Use this level to guarantee a consistently high level of professionalism in your company through your own trainers. In this level you deal with your own training standards. What is important to you? How can training and further education be firmly integrated in your company? Which steps have to be taken?

Hairdresser trainer Sascha Haseloff

icono train the trainer

Training for hairdressers icono train the trainer

In our 5-day Train the Trainer seminar, you will first learn the most important and basic things for planning and implementing a seminar. You will train how to present seminar content and how to work with participants in a group. You will develop your own training and education contents and thus create the beginning of your own training plan for your employees. In the follow-up, we are happy to work out, individually in coaching and together with you, the introduction and implementation of the training measures in your company.

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Duration: 5 days + individual coaching period

Seminar Dates :
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Seminars for hairdressing entrepreneurs

The challenges today are to pursue the right price and service policy, to train and deploy employees efficiently, and to attract and retain employees.

Hairdressers need to deal with these issues today as well as tomorrow. Here, Stephan Bethke shows which paths icono has taken, what works and what does not. It is not about theoretical or abstract knowledge but about the concrete implementation in your own company.  

Only those who make their company fit for the future in these areas have a chance to survive, which is why his lectures and seminars are not designed for employees but for entrepreneurs.

icono executive seminar Stephan Bethke
Chef seminar icono Stephan Bethke Goldwell academy

icono executive seminar

The icono chefseminar is what the name suggests - purely a matter for the boss.

The hairdressing entrepreneur takes a 360 degree look at his business.

All facets that make a hairdressing company successful are examined and analysed. This ranges from the general salon positioning, to the utilization of employees, to customer acquisition and avoidance of customer losses, as well as "having a grip" on the most important costs.

The main focus of the icono chefseminar is on implementation.

Together, solutions are worked out as to how, for example, higher prices and better services can be achieved, how faster employee development can be made possible and, at the same time, how a strong bond with the company can be built up.

The seminar supports bosses in building and/or developing their company into an employer brand in order to successfully attract new employees.

All this is underpinned by many practical examples and the path that icono has taken.

The aim of the three-day seminar is for each boss to have his own personal implementation plan to make his company more economical and fit for the future.

For whom?

Duration: 3 days

Cost: 1.500,- € plus value added tax

Attendance: maximum 8 participants

Seminar Dates :

on request

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