Short haircut hairstyle trend Pixie

The Pixie - short haircut trend!

Thanks to Twiggy, the Pixie Cut became world famous in the 1960s, and revolutionized the women's world, with the difference of this haircut. Today, women who want to stand out from the crowd are still opting for short hair, making the pixie cut a mega-trend once again in 2021.

If "Pixie" stands for "mythical creature", it gives its wearers something elfish, through the emphasis on the back of the head and the playful-elegant style.
To achieve this, strong length contrasts are used, ranging from 2 mm to 10 cm.
The sides and nape of the neck are usually cut classically short, while the top of the head is left longer in a triangle.

The Pixie is as easy to care for as it is versatile. Fine hair immediately gets fullness and liveliness, strong hair gains shape and texture.

This results in popular variations with a side parting, in a sleek look, with an undercut for more texture, as a wavy or even curly pixie for more casualness, showing once again why this haircut is so popular and one of THE haircut trends in 2021!

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