André Lemke Managing Director icono opens the Kick-off 2024 with a personal address to his employees

icono focuses on change - Kick-off 2024

icono on the road to the future: New Managing Director André Lemke presents innovative visions and sustainable changes.


This year, everything at icono will revolve around the further development of the company philosophy under the communication umbrella CHOICE - CHANGE - CHANCE. This communication triad of the decision to change in order to create new opportunities was also reflected in the premiere of the new icono Managing Director André Lemke. He has been the sole Managing Director of icono germany and icono academy since July 2023 and has rethought the icono brand together with his experienced team. He knows the company like no other, having been a part of it for 21 years. He has been running his own icono salon on Brunnenstraße in Berlin-Mitte as a franchisee for 11 years. Thanks to his personal expertise as a master hairdresser in the hairdressing chair and a staff of experienced employees, his visions were molded into a strategy that was presented to all icono employees.

His vision includes the core statement of a holistic realignment and the conscious decision to leave familiar paths and break new ground. This change is intended to adapt the company's way of thinking and, above all, its actions to the current zeitgeist in order to focus on new key topics for the company. The aim is not only to further expand the existing innovative character of icono DNA, but also to set new standards in the hairdressing industry with a view to the future. Origin needs future and future needs origin. In addition, the continuous and personal development of all employees will be further expanded through seminars in the company's own icono academy. This stands for a trend-setting institution in the industry, which offers innovative trend seminars in addition to the basic seminars, so that all employees can benefit from this expertise and apply what they have learned in the salon. In addition, more space will be created in the salons for the three other pillars of communication: social media, sustainability and social commitment. In this way, work in the salons is to be brought to a comprehensive and contemporary level.

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