Trend hairstyles Blunt Bob two tone copper

Blunt Bob I Bob Hairstyles

Coco Chanel made a statement in the 1920s with her new hairstyle, giving the bob cult status. Women now wore short hair and bangs and the bob has been one of the most popular hairstyles ever since.

Bob hairstyles such as the "Long Bob" or the "Choppy Bob", inspire women with this hairstyle anew and are now getting competition from the straight version of the Blunt Bob.

"Blunt", from the English for "blunt", refers to the cutting technique of the hairstyle, and thus pretty much what makes this haircut so special.

For this, all hair is reduced exactly to one length, so there is a lot of volume on the baseline, and the hairstyle looks visually fuller.Optimally matched to the respective face, the hairstyles can be cut short, or worn as a "long bob variant" and combined with a fringe.

Bringing short and layered hair into one line, this hairstyle trend stands for a neat style that can add contour to a narrow face and bring clarity back to an unruly look.

True, women with a trendy hairstyle more often have to cut their hair "short", because this haircut needs regular updates to always look clean. But so simple and changeable bob hairstyles especially with bangs for it in terms of styling.

If the haircut is styled in a sleek look, or wavy structured for beach style, short hair shows that there are no limits to the timelessly elegant style of the blunt bob and thus presents women with how exciting and precise bob hairstyles can look.

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